We Create our own Heritage

A man exhibits a certain perspicacity in knowing he is among those who follow in the footsteps of the figures before him in style and image. During my travels in our expansive world, I have attempted to identify what makes American Heritage so unique in its approach to an apparel. I believe in the last hundred years, American men have taken an innovative and progressive approach to define itself in the most profound and unique of ways. We have proven time and time again that a good pair of jeans and t-shirt defines us in our role as the founders of "cool". Style has found its weave between the fibers of our generations but denim has been the true refrain. America is taking back its place in textile manufacturing and unrivaled quality. An idea so obvious and important to our local economies, yet forgotten over the past 30 years that clothing has become cheap and almost disposable in its inferior construction and quality. Local and national manufacturers and craftsmen have sprouted up and are finding new and innovative ways to reach the public with truly amazing products and ideas. I have worked for three years with an idea of a menswear shop that curates products from all over the United States that are not found anywhere in Denver. I have traveled everywhere from Portland and San Francisco to Brooklyn, NY to find what I believe to be the best collection of clothing and accessories found anywhere in the region. I invite you to follow us as we get closer to opening our doors and sharing with you a new way to find your perfect aesthetic for every circumstance you might find yourself in. We will offer products of unmatched quality and design in an urban-industrial space that will take you back to American clothing heritage brought forward to the present.
 Please stay in touch and keep us in mind as we build out the shop and open this summer. We will be posting updates of the process and will be having a bash to kick off what we believe to be a wild ride. 
Cheers friends,