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Timber Trade Co. is a men’s clothing store offering a new take on heritage and Americana clothing. Located in the RiNo Arts District of Denver, CO.

Chup Socks - Secado (Indigo)


Finest leather boots and socks designed for work and play. Specializing in CHUP socks made in Japan from antique machines.

Chup Socks - Secado (Indigo)

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Chup Socks - Secado (Indigo)


Glen Clyde has been making socks of high quality since 2008, taking inspiration from a myriad of different cultures and their associated patterns. 

  • 43% cotton/43% acrylic/13% nylon/1% polyurethane

  • Crafted in Japan

US men’s size 7.5-10.5 = MEDIUM

US men’s size 10.5-13 = LARGE

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