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3070 Blake St., #170
Denver, CO

(720) 608-0735

Timber Trade Co. is a men’s clothing store offering a new take on heritage and Americana clothing. Located in the RiNo Arts District of Denver, CO.


Notes on Heritage

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Notes on Workwear

Joshua Greenlee

Our small shop in Denver is a collection of menswear from the US, Japan, Canada, and Western Europe that offer designs full of character and unending style. We have staples for your closet that are both functional enough for work, and stylish enough for nights out in the city. We offer top-shelf whiskey to anybody wanting good conversation, fit advise for anybody wanting a good pair of jeans, and service that is not pushy, sale-sy, or dishonest. We want you to feel the comfort of a friend who wants you to be satisfied spending your time and money with us. We value conversation, friendships, and our service to you.

The golden age of American heritage; the era in which classic menswear took its design from military and work uniforms and turned them into everyday staples. Quality was uncompromising because there was no time to tinker with their clothing while on the farm, oil rigs, cranes over skyscrapers, and the battlefield. There were only so many hours in the day. Corn needed husking, buildings needed brick laid, and wars need to be won. Quality was a standard because it needed to be as tough as the people who wore them. Wear and tear meant to repair. As the adage goes, “buy a few things, but make them good things”.

We cannot recreate the past. These times have gone and gave way to mass manufacturing, lead by fashion that is fleeting. I hate to use the term, “men’s fashion” because this does not give the proper title for something that is meant to last and survive. We can add new variations of the same designs: make them slimmer, adjust buttons and rivets, move a pocket here and there, and add branding. These are all of the things we have added to these timeless pieces that make them stand out from one another but the intention is the same for all of the brands we carry and represent. Ones old and new are carrying the same weight as their predecessors in perpetuating the American ideals of classic design, durability, and most of all, function. New countries like Japan, Canada, and parts of Europe are taking on our devotion to detail.

At our shop, we work hard to find brands that exemplify the ideals that encaptured our grandparent’s generation of pride and responsibility to their crafts. The men’s clothing we carry is made with some of the finest fabrics, hand-loomed on antique machines that are some of the last in the world. No new parts are being made, nothing but their own engineering to fix a broken loom. Textures and tones of denim that aren’t found anywhere else that exemplifies the uniqueness of the artisan who makes them. We represent these craftsmen and women who devote themselves to a craft centuries old because we care about sending these ideals on to the next generation who can, themselves, give them their own spin and perspective. We aren’t reinventing the wheel- we are just keeping it turning.