In the Heart of Denver's RiNo Arts District

 Timber is confident and strong. Timber is dependable and timeless- a boundary to the unknown that pleads for discovery.

 This is a menswear shop inspired by the beginnings of American industry and sartorial foundation, setting a curated stage of men's clothing and accessories crafted exclusively in the United States. We choose only the best brands and manufacturers,  new and old, with hand selected items offered right here in Denver from all over our great country. We proudly support products built, stitched, and woven across the United States. Clothing should be functional, timeless, durable, and above all else, worn. 

 We also hand-build furniture in Denver, CO, displaying design that completes a juxtaposition of modernity and industrial. Heirloom quality pieces that are simplistic in nature featuring clean lines and large timber and steel construction. We offer both templated and custom designs.

 Timber Trade Co. is home to the men of Denver who proudly honor American antiquity and tradition by supporting local and national manufacturing. We are committed to serving our community by offering what we believe to be the best products from across the country. This is our commitment to enduring style. Timeless, Timber stands tall.